Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ingredients in Avacor

Avacor's topical product contains Minoxidil (the same active ingredient as Rogaine), as well as other herbal and natural ingredients. The corporate website says that Avacor contains the "highest concentration of the proven hair growth medication - minoxidil". I guess the highest concentration is the same as maximum strength Rogaine and similar generics, which is 5%.

The Nutricap oral capsules sold by Avacor contain natural/herbal ingredients. The one most people will recognize is saw palmetto. Many claim that saw palmetto has effects that mimic Propecia, in its ability to alter the way the body handles DHT. However, I have found little hard evidence to support this claim. The Avacor Nutricaps also contain ginkgo biloba, which may increase bloodflow to the brain. Ginkgo is often taken as a natural supplement to increase mental performance and memory enhancer. Remember, just because something is an herb does not mean it has no side effects.


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